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Unlock smarter betting with NeuroBet, AI-powered betting tools that's revolutionizing your sports betting experience.

NeuroBet Features - Sports Betting Tools, Positive EV & Arbitrage Bets

Betting Tools

Level up your betting game with NeuroBet's cutting-edge tools - comprehensive calculators, a robust backtester, and our innovative AI sports chatbot.

AI Predictions

Experience the future of sports betting with our AI-powered predictions, designed to deliver strategic insights for smarter betting decisions.

Positive EV & Arbitrage Bets

Dive into the world of positive EV and arbitrage betting, leveraging intelligent strategies for superior winning potential.

Give Yourself An Advantage Over Sportsbooks



Ideal for bettors looking for AI insights.
What's included
  • Web App Access
  • Ad Free Experience on Mobile
  • Unlimited Predictions & Insights
  • Betting Calculators & Tools

Backtest Your Betting Strategies

Transform your sports betting strategy with NeuroBet's advanced backtester. Evaluate your predictions against historical odds, discover the potential profitability of your betting methods, and tweak your approach for optimized results.


Integrate Your Sportsbook Accounts for AI-Driven Analysis

Utilize our advanced AI to scrutinize your betting history, providing you with smarter betting decisions, complemented by pre-loaded betslips that allow rapid placement of bets on various sportsbooks, keeping pace with ever-changing betting lines.



How does NeuroBet use my betting history?

NeuroBet uses your betting history to understand your betting patterns. Our AI then uses this data to provide tailored betting advice and predictions, helping you make smarter betting decisions.

What are pre-loaded betslips and how do they work?

Pre-loaded betslips are a unique feature that auto-populates your betslips with your sportsbooks. This allows you to place bets on your preferred sportsbooks quickly, minimizing the chance of odds changing.

How does NeuroBet handle my data and privacy?

At NeuroBet, we take your privacy very seriously. We adhere to strict data protection protocols and use encryption to ensure your data is secure. We only use your betting history data to enhance your betting experience, and we never share your data with third parties.

What is NeuroBet and how does it work?

NeuroBet is a revolutionary sports betting app powered by advanced AI. Our platform provides AI-driven sports predictions, positive EV & arbitrage opportunities, a unique backtester tool, and betting history analysis to help users make informed betting decisions.

What is the backtester tool and how can I use it?

The backtester tool allows you to test your betting strategies against historical odds data. This feature helps you to refine your strategies and make better betting decisions based on the results.

Where can I download NeuroBet?

NeuroBet is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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